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Choosing not to have a cavity treated by a dentist like Dr. Nasson Rodriguez can often prove to be a serious lapse in judgment. In time the tooth decay can penetrate the softcore structures of the tooth causing a serious infection.

As it progresses you will likely feel a severe toothache, which might also be accompanied by a worsening feeling of pain or pressure in the gums. Some of these cases also include a low-grade fever. These symptoms are obvious signs that you need to seek timely professional treatment from Dr. Rodriguez as soon as possible.

Patients suffering from severe tooth decay can also have a developing dental abscess building up in the underlying gum tissues. Often we can treat the tooth by performing a root canal. This treatment plan might be followed up by a course of prescription strength antibiotics and pain medication. In many of these cases, we will need to drain the fluid from the dental abscess.

If the tooth is severely compromised, it might need to be extracted to prevent further pain and complications. Once your gums have fully healed we can help you understand your dental restoration options offered at our dental practice.

If you live in the New Orleans, Louisiana, area and you are experiencing symptoms of untreated tooth decay or a dental abscess, we invite you to call 504-364-1333 to seek timely treatment at the dental practice of Nasson Rodriguez.