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Dental caries are often the result of poor oral hygiene habits. To prevent dental caries, or cavities, from turning your smile into a frown, be sure to eat a balanced diet, brush and floss every day, and see your dentist bi-annually for professional cleanings and exams.

We will get rid of hardened plaque (tartar, or calculus) and polish your teeth. We will also evaluate your smile for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

If our dentist spots a minor cavity in your smile, a composite dental filling may be recommended. Dr. Nasson Rodriguez offers composite fillings for our patients who have minor decay, chips, or cracks in the tooth surface.

Composites are tooth-colored fillings made of plastic and fine glass which blends in naturally with your surrounding teeth. Composites are also bonded to your tooth to give you a strong, subtle restoration. To place a composite filling, the following will occur:

— You relax comfortably as your dentist restores the tooth in just one visit.
— First, all decaying material will be removed by your dentist.
— Your dentist cleans the area thoroughly in preparation for the filling material.
— The composite mixture will be placed into the hole layer by layer and shaped to fit the tooth.
— The composite filling material will be hardened using a blue light.
— Once your composite is polished you will walk out with an aesthetically pleasing restoration.

If you have a cavity that needs filling, or a chipped or fractured tooth, our Nasson Rodriguez team in New Orleans, Louisiana, can help. Our natural-looking composite dental solution can make you smile again! Please call 504-364-1333 today, and we will schedule your appointment to give you the confident smile you deserve!