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A healthy smile depends on a litany of factors, none more important than the quality and care you put into them. Your oral health habits may be up to par, but even something as simple as brushing incorrectly could still cause various problems later on. It is important not only to take care of your teeth and gums, but to do so correctly. Here are a few easy flossing techniques to achieve a healthier smile:

– Floss at least once a day.

– Break off a piece of thread approximately 18 inches in length.

– Wrap each end of the floss around each middle finger until you only have an inch or two to work with.

– Gently slide the floss up-and-down between your teeth and avoiding pressing too hard when reaching the gumline.

– When you reach the gumline , gently curve the floss into a ‘c’ shape around the tooth, to go beneath the gumline.

– When moving to a new tooth, use the same gentle up-and-down motion to move away from your finished tooth.

– Each time you move to a new tooth, use a new section of the floss by adjusting the line using your middle finger.

– Remember to get between every tooth, as well as the backside of your last teeth.

Be sure to ask your dentist for recommendations on acceptable floss products, and don’t forget to brush twice daily.

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