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Accidents and life together, and over the years many a child has had a tooth knocked out while playing, and it can happen to adults as well. If this happens to you or someone in your family, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association have some guidelines for saving the tooth.

Step 1: Find the lost tooth a soon as possible.

Step 2: Do not handle the tooth by the root. Instead, try to only touch the crown of the tooth, which is protected by enamel.

Step 3: Gently rinse off any dirt or debris. Never brush or scrub the tooth.

Step 4: The best place for the tooth is the socket where it can re-form connective tissues. Place it back in the socket if you can.

Step 5: If you can’t put the tooth back in the socket, place it in a small container of milk or salt water.

Step 6: Contact your dentist immediately for an emergency appointment or if necessary, go to the emergency room.

If you are dealing with a tooth that has been knocked out, you should call our dentist, Dr. Nasson Rodriguez right away. To reach Nasson Rodriguez in New Orleans, Louisiana, call 504-364-1333.