Why Brushing Your Teeth is Important to Your Smile

We all know brushing is important, but do you understand why? Here at in , , we take your oral health very seriously, which is why we are always happy to explain the importance of treating your teeth right. Brushing is a vital step that should be done for at least two minutes a day,… Read more »

Are You Searching for Cavity Treatments?

If your tooth enamel is ever damaged, it may be possible for a hole to form within a tooth. This type of hole in a tooth is commonly referred to as a cavity. Do you suffer from a cavity and are searching for cavity treatments? If so, the benefits of dental amalgams and composite fillings… Read more »

Basic Information on Dental Implants

Are you thinking of having dental implants? If so, you have come to the right place! Our dental team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about dental implants and why they are important when it comes to restoring a tooth. When a tooth is missing due to injury, tooth decay,… Read more »

A Significantly Compromised Mouth Might Need Dentures

Problems from losing one or two teeth to tooth decay can often be remedied with a bridge, dental implant or a removable partial. However, if you’ve lost a significant number of teeth to untreated cavities or severe gum disease, more serious methods might be called for. If the roots of your teeth have been compromised… Read more »

Spotting, Treating, and Curing Bad Breath

Bad breath is often a symptom of a deeper underlying disease. Bad breath, often called halitosis, is the result of unpleasant odors coming from your mouth. These smells are often caused by bacterial buildup within your mouth, but can also be the result of something worse. Here are a few things you should know about… Read more »

What Are Your Oral Health Care Routine Strengths and Weaknesses?

What are your oral health care routine strengths and weaknesses? Would you say that some areas of your oral health care are strong while others may fall a bit behind and need improvement? The truth is, no matter how great your oral health may be, there is usually always something we could be doing to… Read more »

An Introduction to the American Dental Association

Did you know that Dr. Nasson Rodriguez is a member of the American Dental Association? Perhaps you’ve seen the ADA seal of approval on your toothpaste container. Want to know more about it? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few common questions and answers: What is the American Dental Association (ADA)? The… Read more »

Helpful Advice for your Dental Fillings

You are probably aware that you should be keeping your teeth clean, especially if you’re interested in avoiding tooth decay. Similarly, you may have heard that it’s important for you to have a filling treated as soon as you possibly can. Conversely, if you postpone having a cavity filled, you could have to deal with… Read more »

What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Would you be surprised to hear that having a white smile is something most people want? In reality, you probably aren’t surprised—but are you content with the color of your teeth? If you find that you are not satisfied with your smile, you may know that getting a professional teeth whitening is a great option… Read more »

How a Root Canal Can Relieve an Aching Tooth

Are you currently experiencing an aching tooth? While it is the strongest substance in your body, your tooth enamel can still be vulnerable to damage. Enamel is a thin, tough outer layer covering the dentin and your tooth pulp below it. This pulp houses the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. To guard against the… Read more »