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If you think a dental crown is the right restoration for you and your smile, then our dentist, Dr. Nasson Rodriguez, is happy to help you know for sure. Fortunately, a dental crown can help in many ways and it’s often used for many different types of situations. Typically, a dental crown is beneficial when:

-You need to protect a weak, decayed, or worn-down tooth

-You need to restore a severely decayed tooth

-You need to restore a broken tooth

-You need to cover a tooth that has a large filling (a filling too big for the tooth to support alone)

-You need to hold a dental bridge in place

-You need to disguise or cover a misshapen or severely stained tooth

-You need to finish a dental implant restoration

-You need to improve the appearance of a tooth

-You need to protect a tooth that is at high risk of a cavity (this is typically recommended for children who have poor oral hygiene)

To learn more about dental crowns in New Orleans, Louisiana, please remember that our dental team is always here to help you. So, all you need to do is contact Nasson Rodriguez by dialing 504-364-1333 today. When you reach out to us, we will be thrilled to give you more information on this beneficial dental restoration!