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Would you be surprised to hear that having a white smile is something most people want? In reality, you probably aren’t surprised—but are you content with the color of your teeth? If you find that you are not satisfied with your smile, you may know that getting a professional teeth whitening is a great option you should consider, but did you know that there are quite a few options you’ll need to consider?

Naturally, you could choose an at-home whitening kit, but visiting our dental team for a professional whitening is generally considered the best, safest option. Unfortunately, at-home whitening kits are easy to misuse and could cause damage to your pearly whites if used incorrectly. Furthermore, you may not be happy with the results that an at-home whitening kit provides. However, with our team supervising your whitening, we can provide you immediate results. We can even help individuals who suffer from sensitive teeth. Our dental team will help you enjoy a brighter smile after only 90 minutes in our office. We can also provide you with a professional whitening tray, made custom for you, so you can follow up on your whitening treatment from home.

Finally, please know that there are certain drink and foods that could stain your teeth. For instance, wine, tea, coffee, and stain-producing foods like berries could hurt the color of your teeth. If you would like to learn more about the care you can receive from our team, or about your different teeth whitening treatments in New Orleans, Louisiana, please feel free to contact Nasson Rodriguez at 504-364-1333. Our dentist, Dr. Nasson Rodriguez, and our team look forward to hearing from you.