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We all know brushing is important, but do you understand why? Here at Nasson Rodriguez in New Orleans, Louisiana, we take your oral health very seriously, which is why we are always happy to explain the importance of treating your teeth right.

Brushing is a vital step that should be done for at least two minutes a day, twice a day. This is because, throughout the day, miscellaneous food particles and bacteria will stick to your teeth causing plaque build-up. Plaque can easily be brushed off with proper brushing habits. However, over time, the plaque that is not kept off your teeth can form cavities or harden into tartar, which is something only your dentist, Dr. Nasson Rodriguez can remove.

The bacteria that clings to your teeth can also lead to gum disease, which is a dangerous condition that can cause tooth loss and even bone loss. That is why a simple task of brushing your teeth is vital to the success of your oral health. Flossing helps your teeth as well by reaching between your teeth and deep along the gum line.

If you feel it is time for your six-month annual checkup, or want to learn more about your oral health care needs. Please call us today at 504-364-1333 to schedule an appointment with a member of our friendly staff. Our professional team is dedicated to helping your smile stay healthy and happy.